Dacia Spring (2024 model, launched in summer)

Is this the best value NEW electric car?

Dacia has overtaken Renault, Audi and BMW on the European market

Using a platform from Renault Nissan in China, the Spring is a small 4 seat family EV that promises electric range of up to 140 miles.
Dacia will launch, in the second part of this year, a new version of the Spring model.

Dacia Spring 2024 will have a more robust design, new interior elements, but the model remains the most affordable electric car on the market, which is good considering that the state cut the Rabla Plus bonuses in half.

Orders for the Dacia Spring 2024 will open in the spring.

For the first time, the right-hand drive model will be produced for UK customers.

"The new Spring adopts the new design elements inaugurated by the third generation of the Duster model. The model thus benefits from a more robust appearance with more personality, while the interior has been completely redone. The pavilion is the only component of the body preserved from the previous generation", presents Dacia in a press release.

"Dacia Spring remains the most affordable electric car on the market, as it has been since its launch in 2021 (excluding government subsidies)," adds the Romanian producer.

What is new?

Regarding the exterior design, a detail specific to the new Spring is represented by the two black bands present both at the level of the calender and transversely on the side of the tailgate, between the rear optical blocks.

The Y-shaped light signature, similar to that of the new generation Duster, is present both in the front optical blocks, with LED technology, and in the rear ones.

15” wheels are available as standard on versions with the 65 horsepower engine.
Inside, Dacia Spring will have a completely new dashboard, which will integrate another range of digital screens. 

The Spring now features a customizable 7" color digital dashboard available on all trim levels, and a 10" center screen for higher trims.

And the storage space will be bigger. The load space will have a total volume of 308 litres, 6% more than the previous model, namely 1,004 liters with the rear seats folded down – more than rival vehicles of similar size and on a par with similar B-segment models.

In addition, the additional storage space (double torpedo, storage spaces at the base of the doors, etc.) with a total volume of almost 33 liters also exceeds the segment standards.

Video: New Dacia Spring - full details


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